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Culture Sector Partner

ICIMSS is a scientific association established in 1997 by 62 members from over 20 countries. The aim of ICIMSS is research and education through the introduction of modern technologies (including computerization, digitisation and the internet) and the management of cultural institutions, with a key focus on libraries, archives and information centres. International and national cooperation on the preservation of Cultural Heritage is a key activity.  ICIMSS’ goals also include promotion of intercultural communication and research. ICIMSS participates in a wide selection of projects, including the EC funded programmes such as TEMPUS, IST, eTEN, Leonardo da Vinci and CIP. ICIMSS maintains two portals: pictures-bank.eu which contains ca. 60,000 photographs and the newly created portal bikop.eu which is a private collections library and will be included into the network of Polish digital libraries.