The Imagery of Food and Drink Cultural Heritage now available to license at


Representing 16 countries of the EU, the 29 partners of the Europeana Food and Drink project have combined to form a rich display of food and drink cultural heritage imagery which is now available to license for publication. Much of the collection is on offer for the first time to publishers and illustrates the depth of local cuisine giving a new insight to the traditional dish as it has migrated and adapted across the world. From simple ingredients, cooking utensils, and baking techniques to complex dishes and the many characters that are involved in the food industry, the EU Food and Drink Picture Library (EUFD) illustrates food and drink history in photographs, artwork and objects.

The EU Food and Drink Picture Library is managed by and forms part of the ‘Creative Applications track’ of The Europeana Food and Drink Project. This site has highlights and information about the collection and use the link to find the EUFD collection in TopFoto. For pricing, licensing, and search enquires please contact: or call +44 1732 863939

The EU Food and Drink has already expanded to represent relevant food and drink collections outside the project partners and is distributing worldwide via TopFoto’s network of distribution partners.

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