CAG – Centre for Agrarian HistoryCAG met baseline (transparant)
Culture Sector Partner

The Centre for Agrarian History is a non-profit research and heritage centre, created in 2001. It studies and analyzes the history and heritage of agriculture and food since 1750 in Belgium, in a national and international context:

  • It is an independent information point for all initiatives regarding the preservation, upgrading and accessibility of our agricultural and gastronomical heritage, landscape development and conservation.
  • It wants to inform, educate and entertain as widely as possible.
  • It works closely together with its scientific sister organization, the Interfaculty Centre for Agrarian History (ICAG), University of Leuven.

The Centre for Agrarian History is supported by the Catholic University of Leuven (Belgium), Cera, Boerenbond and the Flemish Community, and is recognized by the Flemish government.